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Double Fund Textile is a trader and manufacturer who provides customized home decoration cloth and finished products.

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Founded in 1994, Double Fund Textile Co., Ltd is a trading and manufacturing company. In the initial stage, it engaged in manufacturing and trading of all kinds of fabrics for ready-made clothes, and then it specialized in developing and manufacturing table cloth and curtain cloth. In the past ten years, it has developed rapidly with improved quality of cloth, in addition to customized and functional cloth made into ready-made clothes. It independently controls, manages and operates from weaving, dyeing and finishing, printing, special processing for cloth cover, tailoring, machine sewing to packaging, quality inspection as well as delivery. This coordinated Taiwan-made textiles breaks with the traditional ideas of textile finished products. Our products are not only customized, waterproof, skid resistant, heat insulated and provide shading, they are also made with visual flowery patterns for coziness at home, which boosts a hot trend of the textile and embellishes the life.

Double Fund Textile has become a manufacturer who involves in the upstream, midstream and downstream textile production system. The quality-inspection and cost-control textile products are only for you. Our management ideas of good faith, responsibility, quality guarantee and customers first are highly praised by customers in the long term. We have imported Taiwan-made products to Japan, USA and European countries.

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